About Us


  • A Maven is an expert.
  • A Doer is a person who does more than talking.
  • We disrupt the digital world.
South Asian digital marketing agency based out of Singapore with a great bunch of Doers committed to disrupt the online arena and scale-up each business into a profitable machine. Brainchild of Vinay Bharadwaj and Smita Uchil who come with more than 30 years of combined industry expertise in diverse areas of communication, entertainment and advertising.

Maven Socials

The Whimsical World of Wordsmiths! Delve into the Maven blogosphere, where every blog weaves a storylike narrative.  We’re experts in prose. And in conversation with creative Wordsmiths.

From Pen to Blogposts to Minds

Picture a vibrant city nestled in the heart of the digital world, where the characters come to life through the pages of Maven Socials. Here comes WanderFlynn, a person you will never find confined within the walls of his home. With a spark in his eyes, he is ever-ready to narrate insightful stories about faraway lands. Then there is FlavouRia, who explores every corner, searching for tastes tantalising to the tastebuds. Befriend her, and you will have found food-perfect spots to hang out. Enter QuestAuro, the ever-excited guy with some daring adventures up his sleeve. With him, you will always have ideas to try next. Meet SereNita, the woman next door, who gracefully walks in to nurture; a gentle healer well versed in the art of living. Finally, get to know Buzzy, the chirpy kid who brings everything trending in town to you. Together, they are ready to leap from your screen, beckoning you to join them in the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

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Please write to us at contact@mavensocials.com

Meet the team

“I’m Vinay Bharadwaj, the Co-Founder; I love Sunsets, Chai, Himalayas and Peace.”

“I’m Smita Uchil, the Co-Founder; I believe in putting my thoughts into perspective.”

“I’m Ikjyot Kaur, the Marketing Manager; .”

“I’m Vasudev Parasara, ; the SEO & Social Media Specialist.”   

“I’m Soja Jose, the Creative Content Writer; for me, every conversation is a story.”   

“I’m Rahul Simon, the Creative Designer; .”    

“I’m Sojan Sunny, the Sr. Creative Designer ; .” 

“I’m Aryan Arora, the Sr. Visual Artist; .”

“I’m Sanjana Ramesh, the Creative Designer; .” 

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