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Maven Socials is a space for wit, wisdom, and words. It is where budding writers, ardent readers, or anyone with a knack for writing can share their everyday insights on life. 

In a world where visuals are considered more engaging, we equally believe in the power of words to enlighten minds and hearts alike. 

We’re concise, creative, and comprehensive. 


A Maven is an expert. A Doer is a person who does more than talking., We disrupt the digital world.

Maven Socials

We’re experts in prose. And in Conversation with Creative Wordsmiths.

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“A home for those who paint the canvas with inspiring words!”

Vinay Bharadwaj

Smita Uchil   

Ikjyot Kaur    

Vasudev Parasara    

Soja Jose

Rahul Simon

Sojan Sunny

Aryan Arora

Sanjana Ramesh



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