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Office Management Online Training Course

Please note that this is only an approximate figure and is dependent upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and also how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material. Furthermore, at the end of each module there is a question paper which needs to be completed and returned to your personal tutor. You have access to the course for 6 months.  This can be extended upon request.


Like it or not, every manager has to organise his or her work place. It may involve organising one department or the entire business. We organise to develop good work habits.

When organising we take a realistic look at the future, then try to accurately forecast problems, determine alternative strategies to these problems and then finally evaluate available resources.

This course will help you to understand the functions and procedures of the office within any business.


This course is designed to equip professionals with the skills necessary to successfully communicate with personal authority, truly engage others and have a positive lasting impact, whether with their boss or anyone else in their team, to a first class standard.

Introduction to Office Procedures

Ø  Summarise Shorthand, Dictation and Audio Recording, comparing the pros and cons of each

Ø  Examine the various working areas discussed in this unit

Communication Systems

Ø  List the types of communication systems that are in use today

Writing Letters and Reports

Ø  Examine the elements involved when compiling a letter


Ø  Summarise how computers are beneficial to business world

Office Materials and Equipment

Ø  Define the filing process

Office Organisations and Procedures

Ø  Examine the steps to be considered when organising the workplace

Event Date:

08/03/2024 12:00 am