Detox and Weight Loss Retreat - Chapter 3

Detox and Weight Loss Journey: Chapter 3 – Rejuvenation

Day 21

Today, I weighed 95.5 kgs – an impressive loss of nearly 9 kgs in three weeks. My naturopathy doctor examined my health parameters and assured me that all vitals looked good. Thanks to all the detoxification, I felt much lighter, and my skin was radiant and acne-free. My immunity and stamina also felt elevated. Most people choose to do this program for 2 or 3 weeks, but I was motivated to complete the full 30 days.

My morning ritual was similar to previous days – a morning walk, therapeutic bath treatments, massage sessions, and honey-lemon drinks instead of meals. I made sure to drink lots of water, too. In the afternoon, I opted for an extra steam bath session and a relaxing facial massage using a sandalwood face pack.

Later, I spent over an hour sitting in quiet contemplation on the lakeside grass, watching the ducks go by and working on breathing. This place has made me more mindful of my ways of living and shown me the value of silence. I had just one more week to go.

Day 28

I successfully completed four weeks at Manthena today! Today, my scale showed an impressive weight of 90 kgs, marking a loss of nearly 15 kgs since day 1. It exceeded my initial goal, which I had set as 10 kg weight loss in one month. Besides substantial weight loss, I noticed better sleep, improved energy levels, and brighter skin.

The morning was hectic, wrapping up pending treatments and paperwork as I would be checking out the day after. I thoroughly enjoyed my final therapeutic oil bath and massage, focusing on muscle relaxation. My last aqua session was more of a fun water session with other guests who were finishing treatments at the same time as me.

Lunch was a small serving of veg soup and the fasting drink as I gradually returned to solid foods. In the evening, I enjoyed a lively game of water volleyball in the pool – a fittingly energising finish to my aquatic exercise regimen here. Dinner was one chapati with veg. I felt very thankful for all the care and healing I had received here as I retired for my final night.

Day 29

On day 29 of my detox journey at Manthena Nature Cure Hospital, we were treated to a special dinner that tantalised my tastebuds and provided a delightful deviation from our usual fare. The spread featured an array of mouthwatering dishes, including Hyderabadi vegetable biryani, Mirchi bajji, flavorful chaat, creamy paneer curry, and decadent carrot halwa. This indulgent feast was a welcomed reward for our dedication and discipline throughout the detox program, offering a moment of culinary indulgence amidst our journey towards holistic wellness. Each bite was a symphony of flavours, filling our hearts with joy and our bodies with nourishment.

This holistic naturopathy retreat has been a life-changing experience for me. Besides substantial weight loss in just 30 days, it has taught me the value of disciplining the body through a controlled diet, the proper fitness regimen leveraging water therapy, and the outsized influence peace of mind has on physical health. I will incorporate learnings from here into my daily lifestyle back home. The doctors have equipped me with specific guidelines on ideal nutrition and exercise to continue my health journey beyond Manthena. I exited the facility nearly 15 kgs lighter but much more enriched with the knowledge and methods to take charge of my health and stay fit!

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