The must-knows in new motherhood. Balancing the need for self-care and childcare; lessons for young mothers.

Nurture Diaries: Embracing Self-Care in New Motherhood


“Love blooms naturally in a mother’s heart.
A lifelong bond that’s never to depart.”


From the time a woman conceives a child in her womb, she becomes a mother. And amid the hundred questions racing in her head, she gently embraces the unknown journey unfolding before her. And each day, she discovers something new about motherhood, the highs and lows; she takes it all in. Selflessness becomes second nature to her, and love for her child has no bounds. She willingly walks through this path, cuddling her child close to her bosom. And with every tiny milestone the baby crosses, the mother gradually moves forward in her newfound ways of parenting.

All this sounds poetic, right? But that’s how motherhood is—prose written in the smiles and tears of a mother who nurtures her little one from her womb to the cradle and finally into the world. It’s a way of life that continues, even when her hair turns grey and her skin wrinkles. Motherhood is a lifelong commitment, a bond nurtured with the vows of love!

Initial Days of Motherhood

When a child is born into the world, it is also the birth of the parents, mom and dad. As the child’s primary caregiver, the mother often deals with the major responsibilities. From breastfeeding her baby to understanding the child’s development milestones, the mother tirelessly gives her all. Even with the support of her partner and the family, her mind might be in chaos, and she might forget self-care while caring for her child.

The constant worry can tire her out even more, and at times, she delves deeper into this habit of neglecting herself. Young mothers might even feel guilty about taking out some me-time or prioritising themselves over their little ones. However, each mother must understand that taking time for herself or indulging in self-care habits will only benefit her child and herself in the long run.

Balancing is an Art

Every stage of motherhood requires a woman to balance the responsibilities of the child, the household, family, work, and herself. The most important in the initial months are child care and self-care. Here are some ways a young mother can carefully balance both.

  1. Accepting This New Life Stage
    As a woman transitions into a mother, her whole life changes. Carefully understanding and accepting this new stage of life will help her begin balancing motherhood with her own life.
  2. Understanding the Responsibilities
    Becoming a mother brings along additional responsibilities. When a mother understands her role in the child’s initial months of growth, she can prioritise things accordingly. The first three months of an infant’s life depend solely on the mother; thus, a mother must learn to provide the necessary care.
  3. Maintaining Physical Health
    The mother can better care for the child if she is physically stable. Therefore, she must ensure being active. It includes postpartum exercises and balanced meals. Her diet must consist of proteins, calcium, and adequate water intake, as this is also the time for breastfeeding her baby.
  4. Naptime is Crucial
    Babies sleep for most hours of the day. While young mothers may try to finish all the household chores while the baby sleeps, they must also remember to get some rest. A baby’s nighttime sleep patterns are yet to be formed; thus, the baby might be awake during nocturnal hours. Therefore, the mother must ensure that she catches up on her sleep during the daytime while the baby sleeps.
  5. Knowing the Timelines
    As mentioned, the mother must gently handle the first three months of an infant’s life. During this time, all her focus must be on her child and herself. Support and help from family members are crucial at this stage. Once this time is over, the young mother must return to everyday activities and begin socialising with others. This is essential for her psychological wellness.
  6. Seeking Support
    A mother’s mental well-being is vital to developing a healthy child. As a young mother, one is bound to feel lonely, have self-doubts, or face other dilemmas. This is when the mother needs some help. The best way is to seek guidance from doctors or older women in the family. Both, in their own ways, will help the mother navigate through the initial stages of motherhood.

Happy Parenting

A lifelong journey begins with Motherhood; the relationship between a mother and her child has great depths. From the moment she bears her child, a mother is physically and emotionally bound to them.

All the qualities attributed to motherhood gradually develop as she nurtures her baby. With unconditional love and care attached, a mother follows her instincts and knows what’s best for a child. Moreover, this bond is something beyond what words can describe.

At the same time, every mother must learn to nurture herself while nurturing her child. It is a lifelong understanding for mothers to embrace a balance between self-care and child development.

For more information on maternal health and parenting, visit the CDC Pregnancy and Motherhood website.

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