Urban Escapes: Finding Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Urban Escapes: Finding Trekking Places Near Bangalore

For adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts in Bangalore. The sprawling landscapes surrounding the city offer a treasure trove of trekking and hiking spots. From the majestic heights of Savandurga to the scenic beauty of Yelagiri, each destination promises a thrilling escapade into the heart of nature. It is a journey through the top trekking places near Bangalore, unveiling the allure and hurdles that await those who dare to trek through these stunning terrains.


Just 48 km west of Bangalore lies Savandurga, Asia’s most giant monolith hill. A haven for trekking enthusiasts, Savandurga offers a challenging ascent to its summit, rewarding trekkers with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The trek involves navigating through rocky terrains and lush vegetation, culminating in a breathtaking vista from the top. Savandurga’s towering presence and scenic beauty make it a must-visit destination for those seeking an adventurous outdoor experience.


A group trekking Shivagange A mere 56 km from Bangalore, Shivagange is a trekking paradise renowned for its Shiva temple atop a rocky hill. The trek combines spirituality and adventure as you ascend the steep slopes, passing through caves, ancient shrines, and unique rock formations. The Nandi statue at the summit welcomes trekkers with a sense of accomplishment, while the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape provide a visual feast. Shivagange is not just a trek; it’s a spiritual sojourn intertwined with the allure of nature, making it a captivating destination for trekkers of all levels.

Nandi Hills

A classic destination for Bangaloreans seeking a quick escape, Nandi Hills stands 61 km away, offering a serene trekking experience. The verdant hills and pleasant climate create an ideal setting for a rejuvenating trek. Whether you opt for the popular Nandi Hills trek or explore lesser-known trails, the journey adorns itself with picturesque landscapes and historic ruins. The summit rewards trekkers with a breathtaking sunrise or sunset over the surrounding valleys. Nandi Hills is a timeless favorite, blending natural beauty with tranquillity and historic charm.


Skandagiri Approximately 62 km from Bangalore, Skandagiri beckons with its ethereal beauty and challenging trails. The night trek to Skandagiri is top-rated, allowing trekkers to witness a spectacular sunrise from the summit. The trek involves traversing through dense forests, ancient ruins, and steep ascents, creating an immersive experience in nature’s embrace. The reward at the top is unparalleled, with the morning sun casting its first rays over the rolling hills, creating a magical ambience. Skandagiri is a trekking gem, offering a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and the thrill of conquering its summit.


Just 62 km from Bangalore, Madaragiri is a hidden gem for trekking enthusiasts seeking solitude and breathtaking vistas. The trek involves navigating through rocky terrain with lush vegetation and ascending to the hill’s pinnacle. The relatively untouched surroundings add an element of wilderness to the experience, making it a tranquil retreat away from the urban hustle. The panoramic views from the top provide a sense of accomplishment, while the serene atmosphere creates a perfect setting for introspection and appreciation of nature’s wonders.


Makalidurga Nestled 65 km from Bangalore, Makalidurga offers a delightful trekking experience amidst pristine landscapes. Gentle slopes, rocky outcrops, and a serene lake characterize the trek to Makalidurga Fort. The historic fort at the summit adds a touch of antiquity to the trek, allowing trekkers to explore its ruins and capture breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Makalidurga is a trek that caters to various skill levels, making it accessible for trekkers with its natural beauty and historical charm.


A mere 67 km from Bangalore, Antaragange offers a unique trekking experience with its cave exploration and surreal landscapes. The trek involves navigating through boulders, caves, and a series of water tanks, creating an adventurous trail that leads to the hill’s summit. The Shiva temple at the top adds a spiritual touch to the trek, while the natural spring at Antaragange is a refreshing reward for trekkers. The cave exploration and the challenging ascent make Antaragange a distinctive trekking spot that captivates adventure seekers and nature lovers.

DD Hills

DD Hills, located 73 km from Bangalore, is a lesser-explored trekking destination offering a serene escape into nature. The trek unfolds through dense forests, meandering streams, and undulating terrains, providing a picturesque journey for trekkers. The summit offers enchanting views of hills and valleys, creating a sense of tranquillity and connection with the natural landscape. With its relatively uncharted trails, DD Hills provides an off-the-beaten-path experience, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat and the thrill of exploration.

Gudibande Fort

A solo traveler trekking at Gudibande Fort A historical marvel 92 km from Bangalore, Gudibande Fort offers a trekking experience steeped in antiquity and architectural grandeur. The trek involves ascending the fort’s rocky slopes, exploring ancient structures, and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The fort’s unique architecture and the expansive views from its elevated vantage point create a captivating journey for history enthusiasts and trekking aficionados alike. Gudibande Fort is a testament to the region’s rich heritage, providing a trekking experience that combines adventure with a journey through time.

Kunti Betta

Situated 123 km from Bangalore, Kunti Betta offers a scenic trekking experience against lush greenery and pristine lakes. The twin hills of Kunti Betta are known for their mythological significance and the tranquil atmosphere that envelops the region. The trek involves navigating through rocky terrain, ascending the mountain, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the adjacent Thonnur Lake. Kunti Betta is not just a trekking destination; it’s a retreat into nature’s embrace, offering a perfect blend of adventure and serenity for trekkers seeking a rejuvenating escape.

Horsley Hills

Nestled 157 km from Bangalore, Horsley Hills is a verdant oasis with rolling hills and dense forests. The trek to Horsley Hills takes you through winding trails, meadows, and thick woods, providing a diverse and captivating journey. The summit rewards trekkers with stunning views of the hills and valleys below, creating a sense of awe and tranquillity. With its cool climate and lush landscapes, Horsley Hills offers a refreshing trekking experience, making it a perfect spot for those seeking to unwind from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Approximately 161 km from Bangalore, Yelagiri Hills beckon with their scenic beauty and a range of trekking trails. The hills are dotted with lush orchards, velvety meadows, and serene lakes, providing a picturesque backdrop for trekkers. Whether you choose the Swamimalai Hill trek or explore the hidden trails, Yelagiri offers a tranquil and rejuvenating trekking experience. The panoramic views from the hilltops and the cool mountain breeze make Yelagiri a perfect getaway for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts alike.

BR Hills

Standing 173 km from Bangalore, Biligiriranga Hills, commonly known as BR Hills, offer a unique blend of wildlife, nature, and trekking adventures. The trek to BR Hills takes you through dense forests, home to various plant and animal species, providing a thrilling encounter with the region’s biodiversity. The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple at the summit adds a cultural and spiritual touch to the trek. As you navigate through the undulating terrains, the landscapes and the chance to spot wildlife create an immersive trekking experience in the heart of nature.

Embrace Experiences Everyday

The vicinity of Bangalore is a treasure trove of trekking and hiking spots, each offering a unique blend of adventure, nature, and cultural exploration. From the towering heights of Savandurga to the historical allure of Gudibande Fort and the tranquil landscapes of Yelagiri, these destinations cater to a spectrum of trekking enthusiasts. Whether you seek the spiritual ambience of Shivagange, the off-the-beaten-path experience of DD Hills, or the diverse biodiversity of BR Hills, the trekking places near Bangalore promise thrilling escapades and unforgettable moments in the lap of nature. As you lace up your trekking boots and embark on these adventures, let the trails unfold the beauty and wonders that await on the hills, forts, and peaks surrounding the vibrant city of Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

The distances vary, with some spots like Savandurga and Shivagange being around 48-56 km away, while others like Yelagiri and BR Hills are further, approximately 161-173 km from Bangalore.
The difficulty level varies depending on the trekking spot. For example, Savandurga and Skandagiri offer moderately challenging treks, while places like Nandi Hills and Yelagiri provide relatively more straightforward treks suitable for beginners.
Entry fees and permits may vary depending on the location. Some places, like Antaragange, may require a nominal entry fee, while others, like BR Hills, may require permits for entry into wildlife areas.
The best time to visit these trekking spots is usually during the cooler months, from October to March.
Many trekking spots offer overnight accommodations such as guesthouses, homestays, or campsites. However, checking availability and making early reservations is advisable, especially during peak seasons.
Most of these trekking spots are suitable for both solo and group treks. However, it’s always recommended to trek with a group, especially in remote or unfamiliar areas, for safety reasons.
Facilities may vary depending on the location. Some spots, like Nandi Hills and Yelagiri, may have restrooms and eateries at or near the base. In contrast, others, like Skandagiri or Madaragiri, may have limited facilities, so carrying essentials is advisable.
Transportation options include private vehicles, public buses, or hiring taxis. Some spots may require a combination of different modes of transportation, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly.
These trekking spots suit trekkers of all levels, from beginners to experienced. For beginners, spots like Nandi Hills or Yelagiri offer relatively more straightforward treks, while experienced trekkers may enjoy challenging treks like Skandagiri or BR Hills.
Safety precautions include carrying sufficient water and snacks, wearing appropriate trekking gear and footwear, staying on marked trails, avoiding trekking alone, informing someone about your trekking plans, and being aware of weather conditions and wildlife encounters.

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