Why is Orry Relevant to Understanding the Future of Digi-Social Reality?

Why is Orry Relevant to Understanding the Future of Digi-Social Reality?

Transcending the Boundaries

Socialisation, the cornerstone of communication, has taken on a new dimension ever since the rise of social media. These platforms not only foster community creation but also blur the lines between our real and social selves. The world we once knew is transforming profoundly, with the digital realm seeping into our reality. This shift isn’t just a change in perception; it’s a fundamental alteration in how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

To understand this better, let’s delve into the unique example of Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry. He is the man of the moment—an out-and-about person who has promoted himself on the social ladder with dedication and persistence. Orry, who calls himself ‘the liver’, has been able to make a noteworthy statement with his life wherever he goes. He has been spotted with various Bollywood stars on different occasions, earning him the status of a celebrity BFF. In the era of social media influencers, Orry stands out as an internet sensation whose life exemplifies the blurring of virtual and authentic self-boundaries.

Here’s an analysis of the characteristics of this new age of hybrid reality and its relevance.

1. Representing Self Image

The self is an individual concept but simultaneously a mirror for the outside world. In this generation of social networking platforms, the image of one’s self is reflected through the digital self, a term used to describe the version of ourselves we present online. This digital self, which often ought to outweigh the real one, is a product of our interactions and self-presentation on social media. Moreover, the distinction between virtual and authentic no longer exists; it is becoming reasonably similar, blurring the boundaries between our digital and physical identities.

Social media significantly empowers individuals to present themselves in a way that aligns with their ideal self-image. This unique opportunity to shape their digital self often reveals distinctive aspects of their personality, blurring the lines between their virtual and authentic selves. It’s a platform that allows them to stand out and fosters confidence and self-assurance. Orry, for instance, uses his outfits, illustrations, and emojis to present his desired self-image. His lifestyle is a testament to the power of self-expression in the digital age.

The portrayed image becomes a critical factor in determining the influence of virtual reality over reality. Moreover, technology enables the creative space to experiment with this desired image in the social world and later reflect it onto reality.

2. Confidence is the Master Key

Understanding and appreciating oneself is a significant life strategy. With knowledge about oneself and self-admiration, an individual can reflect the desired self before others. This state of mind boosts confidence, making one admired by everyone around.

Social media platforms are effective for self-expression and self-promotion. They empower individuals, giving them a unique space to showcase their confidence through various technological features like avatars, stickers, and emojis. This digital self-presentation boosts their confidence and allows them to project a version that may not have been fully expressed in real life. Meanwhile, it gradually blurs the boundaries between the digital and authentic selves.


3. New Generation and Ideation

The most significant advantage of social media is that it enables presenting ideas and concepts unfamiliar to previous times. Trendsetting is the new talk, with creators and influencers reaching their creative peak. Any latest idea that has the potential to make a buzz quickly becomes the talk of the town.

Therefore, beginners are encouraged to try out the many curious questions they encounter and present them to the world at their creative best. Coining new terms and concepts every week, the latest generation is all about bringing something new to the table.

Creativity is sparked at the slightest of moments, reflecting highly on the capacity to observe and create relevantly.

4. Compassion Counts

Unlike in the past, where there were significant social barriers among people, times are different now. The social influence of the most popular in the digital world is reflected in real life, which makes a positive difference for the rather unprivileged sections of society.

Thus, social media influencers use their reach to encourage optimistic attitudes towards life. Through their audience, they create a realm that shares the same outlook towards life with a positive reflection. Moreover, life takes a different perspective when this compassionate and kind attitude is promoted on social media and reaches a broader audience, instilling hope and optimism. This process, which involves disseminating positive content and attitudes on social media, can significantly influence societal norms and values, blurring the boundaries between the digital and authentic worlds.

Altogether, it creates the much-needed cause for positive life values that are readily accepted by the loyal audience. For instance, Orry recently visited a Panvel school and interacted with the students. It gives the world a positive image and encourages others to participate in similar acts of kindness.

5. Importance of Community Building

The truth about social media is that it brings together like-minded people on a common platform. They share a feeling of community and the same admiration for community building. It is an element of the digital world that reflects on society.

Social media’s most striking impact is its ability to foster community building. These communities, which often mirror elements from the digital world, exist in the real world. They are created based on shared interests, values, or experiences, and their development underscores social media’s influence on society, blurring the boundaries between the digital and authentic worlds. In this sense, social media is a tool for self-expression and a platform for collective identity formation.

Orhan Awatramani aka Orry

6. Celebrating the Highs

In the digital realm, there are peak times famed as viral moments that are the rising points, similar to life. However, a larger audience celebrates and cherishes those moments, unlike in real life.

A loyal audience follows and showers their appreciation regarding the milestones surrounding their loved influencer. At some point, social media also becomes a platform for validating the relevance of what is presented to them. This concept of relevance, which refers to the perceived importance or significance of social media content, is a critical factor in the success of social media influencers. Meanwhile, the ones influencing the audience are keenly interested in upholding their expectations. Thus, much effort goes into promoting relatable and relevant content at all times.

7. Reckoning the Lows

One aspect of digital fame that is often overlooked is the downfall of its relevance and importance. Just as fame starts with a single milestone moment, the downfall begins with another moment. Therefore, realising the occurrence of the same is quintessential.

The downfall can creep in at the most unpredictable times; thus, an intelligent way to handle it could be to plan for it strategically. Therefore, breaking and redefining the structure on one’s terms becomes essential. It’s an apt method to analyse the situation in the digital realm and leverage it to one’s advantage. However, it’s important to note that the constant pressure to maintain a particular image or to keep up with the trends can also be a source of stress and anxiety. It is a potential drawback of blurring virtual and authentic self-boundaries, which individuals must be aware of and manage.

A striking example from Orry’s life is that he understands the highs and lows of fame and stardom, speaks about his digital demise, and strategically plans his comeback. This consciousness about his virtual presence is remarkable.

8. Connecting with the Audience

The digital realm is incomplete without a loyal audience that persists in admiring the famed digital stars. Meanwhile, it becomes the creator’s responsibility to showcase recent, relevant, and relatable content to the followers.

As the audience is an integral part of the digital realm, maintaining communication with them is essential. Though it is one of the most important parts of staying relevant in the social world, its importance is often ignored. However, Orry is different in this perspective; he closely monitors and replies to his audience, thus fostering communication.

Moreover, networking on social media proves beneficial in the long run, with loyal followers constantly engaging with the content created for their consumption.

9. The Little Things in Life

Social media can also teach people lessons in admiring and appreciating the simple things in life. This is true in the case of social media, where something simple becomes viral overnight. In such scenarios, the digital world influences individuals to readily accept the reality that surrounds them, which had always been around but mostly ignored.

For instance, Orry embarking on the Tirupati journey is a source of inspiration and a boon in promoting the spiritual tourism industry. Thus, simple things suddenly become relevant in the real world when cherished in the social realm. It exemplifies the merging of virtual and authentic boundaries.

10. A Day in Their Reality

The increasing opportunities to get a sneak peek into the reality of digital stars, with their vlogs, showcase a space where an image of their natural lives is displayed before the audience. Sometimes, they are keen to share glimpses from their real lives, normalising the blurring boundaries. Moreover, the representation of their authentic selves unveils imagery that differentiates from the sometimes dramatised self in the digital world.

On the other hand, the audience realises that digital portrayals often paint an aesthetically pleasing image that is usually different from reality. Understanding this helps to comprehend the thin line between reality and the virtual self.

Embracing the New Age Reality

Finally, concluding these characteristics mentioned above, with examples from Orry’s life, it is clear that with each advancing day, the digital realm is taking over reality to create a hybrid self of an individual closely related to virtual reality and sometimes unfamiliar with authenticity. However, how the digital self benefits the real world is also understood because it has the potential to shape a social reality that is ideal and desired by individuals.

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