Places to Visit in Singapore City

Unveiling the Gems: Unique Places to Visit in Singapore City

Discovering Locations Beyond the Ordinary

Visiting Singapore City means discovering a beautiful destination with unforgettable adventures at every location. The place attracts tourists worldwide with its food, shopping spots, museums, and more. Amidst these colours of the island city, there are hidden gems. Here, you’ll discover some iconic nature spots to add to your bucket list when travelling to Singapore.

S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore

S.E.A Aquarium

For every person fascinated by the ocean, there is a place beyond imagination in Singapore city. A haven of aquatic life awaits those who step into the South East Asia (S.E.A) Aquarium. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world, teeming with marine life.

At this place, you’ll find a variety of marine animals, including sharks, jellyfish, manta rays, dolphins, corals, and much more. Dive feeding is part of the everyday schedule, whether in the shipwreck or the apex predators’ abode. The place is a knowledge overflow, with animal information, educational and public programmes, and zone experiences of immersing yourself into the ocean’s diversity. And for ocean enthusiasts, VIP experiences await you with behind-the-scenes work at the aquarium.

Shop for gifts and souvenirs to relish your time at S.E.A. You can also bite into delicious snacks and other treats. Finally, the experience is complete with empathising with marine life. Be part of the Conservation actions by joining the outreach, understanding the research, or learning stories about ocean life. Thus, beaming with its uniqueness, this aquarium is a highlight of and about Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

It is one of the first forest reserves in Singapore. The Bukit Timah is home to a biodiverse species of animals, plants, and insects. Situated on the equatorial belt with its humid climate, this area of Singapore Island is a flourishing spot for all life forms.

Within the reserve lies Singapore’s highest hill, Bukit Timah Hill. Those who wish to trek through the original trails will experience a thrilling climb. This forest reserve has many of the first species of Malayan plants in its botanical collection. There is also a visitor centre to help visitors learn about the species in the forest reserve. The exhibition hall’s interactive forest ecology display is another primary attraction here.

Several protection acts implemented over the years have protected the forest reserve. Restoration works have made it complete. Nature enthusiasts have been actively conserving the flora and fauna in Bukit Timah, and that’s about Singapore protecting the gifts of nature.

Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre, Singapore

ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre

An abode in Singapore that is a haven of safety for animal species. Louis Ng founded the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES). A beautiful story of compassion marked the beginning of this animal rescue centre. Since then, it has inspired many to serve for the rescue and protection of wildlife.

Initially, it started as a rescue of chimpanzees from photography sessions and slowly developed to protect other individuals and groups of animals. The positive impact of these efforts was that they initiated awareness on a larger scale. Thus, these voiceless creatures finally found a voice through ACRES! Advocating for animal protection needs and educating people about the importance of creating a safe space for animals to thrive changed society.

The wildlife rescue centre plays a vital role in tackling the trade of wildlife species and works towards their rescue and rehabilitation. It creates a community of humane individuals through outreach and educational programmes. Moreover, the initiative to promote cruelty-free living has marked several changes. Thus, thoughts of a compassionate heart have sowed the seeds of greater good for the wildlife.


The Yunnan Garden is part of the Nanyang Technological University and is a wonderland for everyone who loves nature. It is integrated with the Chinese Heritage Centre and has several monuments and a lake within the area. This heritage was built in the 1950s and has a variety of trees.

The sound of the gushing waters welcomes you to the mesmerising shortness of the waterfalls—a beautiful sight to behold! Then, as you walk ahead on the boardwalk ramps, you will witness the well-preserved elements of heritage—Chinese traditions and French Renaissance-inspired gardens with geometric and loop patterns. There are also ponds, benches, and red pavilions throughout. You can immerse yourself in the greenery and enjoy moments of serenity in this fantastic part of Singapore city.

The trails will lead you through mini gardens of plants and herbs, with information boards teaching you along the way. There are also beautiful flower and butterfly gardens, adding bliss to your walk! The Nanyang Lake is yet another striking place to relax for a while. Further, to enjoy more time with kids, a playground, a play fountain, and a food court area await you. So, unwind and cherish joyful moments in a place where it’s all about Singapore.

Kranji Marshes

The Kranji Marshes are a freshwater marshland spread over a large area on the shore of the Kranji Reservoir. They are part of the Sungei Nature Park Network. Several species of animals and plants have their homes within this area. The uniqueness of this biodiverse marshland is that it provides an excellent habitat for conserving marsh birds on Singapore Island.

The place is perfect for those who love to unwind in nature and observe it. You can walk through the marshes, see the birds in their hides, and climb the Raptor Tower for beautiful views. Moreover, you can watch the activities from the top in the raptor migratory season from November to March. Also, an ecologically sensitive habitat is known as the Core Conservation Area.

The Kranji Marshes is one must-visit in Singapore and is on every nature lover’s bucket list. Here, it is enjoyable to spend time on nature walks and observation.

Macritchie Treetop Walk, Singapore

Macritchie Treetop Walk

One of the prime hiking attractions in Singapore City is the free-standing suspension bridge. It’s part of the Macritchie trail and connects two of the highest points in the area. The bridge offers a scenic view of the beautiful forest beneath.

The bridge is the first of its kind and provides a recreational trail of fun and relaxation. It is also vital for researchers to get closer insights into the forest canopy. Thus, it helps nature enthusiasts research Singapore and preserve the forest ecosystem for future generations.

One of Singapore’s hidden gems is its natural attractions. This iconic travel destination has much to offer its visitors. It becomes a highlight because it lies closest to the equator and provides the apt environment for biodiverse flora and fauna to flourish. Therefore, Singapore City is an awe-inspiring destination with unique places to visit.

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