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Exquisite Rooftop Dining Experiences: Marina Bay Sands

Behold the Beauty of the Bay

Every Singaporean’s favourite Marina Bay Sands has unique spots to enjoy while you take delight in the bay’s beauty. Each of these offers a different yet amazing experience of dining beside the Marina Bay Sands.

Wakuda: Japan Comes to Singapore

Wakuda, Singapore

The choicest seasonal ingredients enhance the taste of Japanese food to take guests on a delicious quest. The enriching flavours from the culinarian’s kitchen in Wakuda take inspiration from French techniques.

Classic recipes are presented with a pinch of contemporary to provide an unforgettable flavour of Japan. Another striking feature of this restaurant is the Sushi counter, which offers unimaginable varieties. Adding to the fun is the bar and lounge, where you can unwind in an alchemy of beverages.

The restaurant’s architectural design and décor echoes Japanese culture and artwork. Therefore, it creates an ambience of soulfulness.

Must-Try Cuisines at Wakuda: Japanese Cuisine

Caffe Fernet: Every Morsel is a Delight

Caffe Fernet, Singapore

The exquisite restaurant by Marina Bay has a delicious range of Italian flavours. A weekend at Caffe Fernet is a feast to savour cuisines. Moreover, tasting beverages like wines, spirits, and cocktails is also an experiential indulgence.

The restaurant also takes into consideration the guests’ dietary needs or the case of any allergies. There are also additional services, including corkage and cake. Altogether, the restaurant ensures that everyone who dines here has a personalised experience of fulfilment.

Must-Try Cuisines at Caffe Fernet: Italian Cuisine

Lantern: Relish the Experience at the Rooftop Restaurant

Lantern, Singapore

Relax for your weekend at the chic rooftop bar and enjoy the stunning view of the Marina Bay Sands. The ambience is all set to take you on a lovely weekend unwinding.

You will be served cocktails, wines, and extra delicious snacks. Head to this place to enter the weekend vibes carefree and to experience the bliss of MBS rooftop dining.

Must-Try Cuisines at Lantern: Cheese & Charcuterie Platter, Philly Steak Sandwich, and Mini Impossible Sliders.

Riviera: Views to Cherish

Riviera, Singapore

The famous Riviera restaurant has the best views of the Singaporean skyline. The restaurant is perfect if one is looking for an elegant place to have a lovely candlelight dinner. The restaurant’s interiors are, in themselves, a beautiful work of art.

Chef Yvan Yin creates a fusion of Eastern and Western dishes, thus serving flavours of pure delight at the table. Moreover, the dishes are prepared for the tastebuds to savour and for the senses to devour. The chef’s creativity is reflected in his cuisine and plating alike. He presents a culinary enchantment with his French cooking and exemplary dining expertise.

The restaurant’s meals are a culinarian’s piece of art served with perfection. Thus, anyone who enters through the door of this MBS rooftop restaurant is to embark on a journey of gastronomic surprises.

Must-Try Cuisines at Riviera: Discovery Lunch Experience

KOMA: The Joy of Savouring Japanese

KOMA, Singapore

The joy of feasting on a new taste is extraordinary. And that’s the unique experience at KOMA. It adds a contemporary touch to the Japanese platter; the culinarian’s expertise offers delicious dishes to savour.

The concept of freshness is relevant to the cuisine and preserved in the quality of ingredients. And everything procured for the recipes comes from the seasonal produce in Japan. Moreover, the restaurant is part of the Tao Group Hospitality. Many features of the restaurant’s interiors resemble elements of Japanese traditions.

Available to the guests are some tasty cocktails and a sushi bar. Also, a private dining area is offered for gatherings with family and friends. Therefore, the restaurant has an apt setting for devouring good food and bringing great conversations to life.

Must-Try Cuisines at Koma: Japanese Cuisine

OverEasy: Rooftop Dining Perfected

OverEasy, Singapore

Nightlife gets crazier when it’s the weekend, and we have the perfect spot for you to chill with your buddies. OverEasy is the best American restaurant in town, with a breathtaking bay view—where everything is fun and happening with delicious American cuisine and cocktails.

The restaurant is popular among Singaporeans for its DJ and lip-smacking dishes. The all-American vibe makes it a go-to place for fantastic party nights. The restaurant hosts not just their themed parties; its ambience also plays host to unique celebrations and events. Step into the all-American rooftop restaurant and enjoy!

Must-Try Cuisines at OverEasy: American Cuisine

Labyrinth: Authentically Singaporean

Labyrinth, Singapore

Chef LG Han inspires the unique Singaporean-style dining in Labyrinth. A contemporary take on Singapore’s flavourful choices offers a range of new food delights to serve.

Experimenting with his flavourful memories of childhood, the chef creates a wholesome range of tastes on the menu. Blending traditional recipes into a modern pot of deliciousness, the restaurant serves a palette of memorable tastes.

Redefining the flavours of age-old recipes, the restaurant serves wholesome meals of happiness. Traditional cooking techniques play an essential role in improving taste. Moreover, with a commitment to supporting local farmers, they locally procure the ingredients.

This restaurant lets the guests reminisce about their childhood food memories and utilises local produce. This dynamic touch to the restaurant honours the originality of Singapore. This makes a contemporary odyssey of ancient flavours Labyrinth’s speciality.

Must-Try Cuisines at Labyrinth: New Singaporean Cuisine

Mott 32: Your Best Choice for Chinese

Mott 32, Singapore

The first Chinese presence inspires authentically Chinese, Mott 32, in the famous Chinatown. A range of signature dishes, prepared with generational recipes, fill this restaurant’s menu. The creative cooking methods by the chefs create the most flavourful recipes.

The restaurant ensures that organic, quality and sustainable ingredients are added to its cuisine. Thus upkeeping a standard of the food served.

The interior décor fuses elements of the Western and Eastern cultures. Thus, it intertwines into a spectacle of tradition and modernity.

Must-Try Cuisines at Mott 32: Apple-Wood Roasted Peking Duck and Iberico Pork.

Palm Beach Seafood: Experiences Worth Cherishing

Palm Beach Seafood, Singapore

Serving the original flavours of Singaporean cuisines is Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant’s pride. A flavourful odyssey that takes the guests on a gastronomic exploration of authentic recipes.

The tastebuds are in for a treat with the essence of tradition added to the culinary experiments. Moreover, experiential dining in the spirit of Singapore ensures memorable times. Another attraction of the place is experiencing the Mystery Dining programme.

Rightly honoured with many prestigious titles and awards, the restaurant proudly flaunts its authenticity in flavour and tradition. Also, it is well in tune with modern facilities. It offers guests the joy of watching sunsets; the beautiful backdrop of the city view enhances the aesthetics of dining. The restaurant upholds its standards with exceptional hospitality and services, also serving food with safety standards.

Thus, the setting is perfect for joyous gatherings of families, colleagues, and friends and hosting private parties.

Must-Try Cuisines at Palm Beach Seafood: Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, and Honey Tangy Fish.

Some of the best places to dine in Singapore begin at the bay. So, head to the Marina Bay Sands for an exclusive rooftop dining experience in Singapore.

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