Weekend Dining Delights: Best Places to Eat in Singapore

Weekend Dining Delights: Best Places to Eat in Singapore

Weekend Feasting and Flavours

There are delicious savouries on every street, neighbourhood, and marketplace in Singapore. And so, for a weekend unwinding, there’s no better place than this destination for a culinary zest of sensory enchantment! Cheers to a delightful palette of flavours. Don’t miss out on the must-try cuisines served at these restaurants. And here’s the list of the top places to eat in Singapore.


A Haven of Culinary Varieties

A soulful vibe surrounds Alma by Juan Amador, one perfect spot in Singapore for weekend dining. The culinary fascinations are crafted with excellence to glee those seeking a gastronomic experience. Each cuisine is uniquely prepared for perfection of taste.

With Chef Juan Amador’s fondness for flavourful masterpieces, one can relish a variety of savouries at Alma. Another culinary expert here is Chef Yew Eng Tong. The mouth-watering cuisine and welcoming surroundings attract guests to have a cheerful time with their dear ones. Guests can also enjoy a collection of the choicest wines, whiskies, Cognac, and Armagnac.

Moreover, their warmth and hospitality have won them various titles. For seven years, it has been honoured as a 1-Michelin-starred restaurant. Its status is also part of the Goodwood Park Hotel, a prestigious historic hotel at the town’s core.

Must-Try Cuisines in Amla: Multigrain mantou and a range of beverages.

Alma, singapore

Bar-Roque Grill

The Art of Cooking Singaporean Food

Unforgettable conversations are best with memorable tastes. And when the flavours are delightfully French, it’s bon appetit! Chef Stephane is the culinary artisan here whose preparations are worth devouring.

The menu has unique weekly dishes, adding to Bar-Roque Grill’s speciality. The classic cuisines and iconic dishes from France make the restaurant an award winner in Singapore. Also, during the game season, the restaurant cherishes the celebrations with a unique hunting menu.

The restaurant is one precious jewel in Singapore’s delicacy haven’s crown. Its remarkable collection of French cuisines makes it one of a kind for a weekend dining experience.

Must-Try Cuisines in Bar-Roque Grill: Charcuterie, Rillettes, Terrines, Cured Meat, and Dry Sausage.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Authentically Chinese

The restaurant’s commitment to quality and experience has bagged several awards and recognitions for the best food in Singapore. The lip-smacking cuisine and its hospitality make it the prime choice for weekend dining.

Having true pleasure in serving authentic Chinese, the restaurant takes pride in preserving valuable and original flavours from China. Intertwining familial bonds with traditional tastes gives the restaurant its harmonious ambience for enjoyable conversations.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace restaurant creates the best Chinese recipes by adding a pinch of fusion to its food. Thus, it ensures a flavourful enchantment for all Chinese food lovers. Upholding its heritage, Crystal Jade Palace offers food options that nourish with spoonfuls of inspiration.

Must-Try Cuisines in Crystal Jade Golden Palace: Yellow Cream Crab, Sugar-coated Yam, and Dim Sum lunch.

FOC Restaurant

An Incredible Dining Experience

It’s a place to savour Barcelonian flavours, one bite at a time! With a promise of authentic taste, the restaurant is an experience to devour.

The restaurant’s speciality lies in its open kitchen, crowded with chefs and bartenders. Thus, dining here is pleasing to your tastebuds and apt for sensory savouring. Chef Nandu Jubany is the artist behind the flavourful fest painted within the walls of the FOC Restaurant.

Moreover, the electro music adoring the background adds joy and enjoyment to begin a fun-filled weekend.

Must-Try Cuisines in FOC Restaurant: Spanish dishes and cocktails.

FOC Restaurant


Fusion is Always Fun

Fusion food is everyone’s favourite, and this restaurant is famous for its food that blends the flavours of Peru and China. The traditional touch of Peruvian taste is the highlight of the Chinese flavour.

It is the first Chifa restaurant in Singapore to serve this taste of Peruvian-Chinese cuisine. Thus, it’s the best place to treat your tastebuds with bites of uniqueness.

Must-Try Cuisines in Chifa restaurant: Asian cuisine

Blu Kouzina Siglap

Ancient Flavours of Greece

A fine dining experience is served not just in the food but also in the restaurant’s hospitality. Thus, Blu Kouzina Siglap is an excellent spot to dine for the weekend.

Authentically prepared with the traditional taste of Greece, the food served here is a flavourful feast. The place is a comforting reminiscence of Greek cuisine and a journey to unlock the Mediterranean flavour.

This place’s speciality is food prepared in olive oil with a glass of wine on the side. It is one of the oldest dining places in Singapore, and it is a great place to savour Greece on the tastebuds.

The restaurant also prides itself in claiming various awards and titles for culinary expertise, making it one of Singapore’s best places to eat.

Must-Try Cuisines in Blu Kouzina Siglap: Mediterranean cuisine

The Mind Café

Fun, Food, and Flavours

If you are looking for a fun place to unwind and dine, Mind Café is your go-to restaurant. The café has a unique theme of board games, with the staff equating as game masters.

The ambience is perfect for friend and family reunions. And the entertaining board games keep everyone in the joy of togetherness and laughter. Meanwhile, various food and beverages are served, including pastries, coffee, and much more.

The Mind café keeps the gaming spirit alive while guests enjoy delicious treats filling their tummies. Also, they specialise in hosting events and parties for special occasions, with entertaining game shows.

Must-Try Cuisines in THe Mind Café: Signature Pastries

Mind Café


Japanese Flavours of Delight

The finest place to relish a soulful savour of Yakiniku, the Japanese barbeque restaurant, is an experience. This restaurant’s uniqueness is its passion for serving the original taste and quality of Japanese food, is valid.

The zest of flavours that enchant tastebuds is a fusion of a unique sauce and the perfect preparation techniques. It’s the apt ambience for those seeking authentic flavours on a weekend dine-out. Therefore, this original Japanese restaurant is a hotspot for the best Japanese cuisines.

Must-Try Cuisines in Heijoen: Grilled Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Beef.

The Kitchen Table

An Exquisite Dining Experience

The restaurant has the Mariana Bay Sands as its backdrop. And unique delights of flavour are gleefully enjoyed in the tropical mood of the location.

The food served at the kitchen table  is made of plant-based products, making this local comfort food worth savouring. Moreover, the menu has options for various wood fire cuisine. The restaurant’s culinary experience cheers one to relish an unforgettable source of flavours for the tastebuds. With a blend of innovations and expertise, the chefs offer a variety of culinary artworks from their kitchen canvas.

Must-Try Cuisines in The Kitchen Table: Burrata with Burnt Figs and Live Oyster Bar.

Lo and Behold! You’ve got a list of the best places to eat in Singapore. Choose a flavour of liking and fly to this fantastic destination for a happening weekend.

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