Things to do in the city of Kolkata

Joyful Diaries: The Ultimate List of Things to Do in the City of Kolkata

Located along the Hooghly River, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is a city teeming with history, culture, and vibrant energy. Formerly known as Calcutta, this bustling metropolis is a melting pot of diverse cultures, where colonial architecture stands tall alongside bustling bazaars and lush green parks. These things to do in the city of Kolkata are not just locations; they are experiences waiting to be embraced.

Victoria Memorial

Begin your journey by visiting the iconic Victoria Memorial, a majestic white marble structure that epitomises Kolkata’s colonial past. Explore its sprawling gardens and museum, showcasing a treasure trove of artefacts from the British era.

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

Howrah Bridge

Marvel at the engineering marvel of Howrah Bridge, one of Kolkata’s most iconic landmarks. Stroll across this iconic bridge, soaking in panoramic views of the river and the bustling cityscape.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Immerse yourself in spirituality at Dakshineswar Kali Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, this sacred site attracts devotees and tourists alike with its serene ambience and stunning architecture.

Park Street

Indulge your taste buds on Park Street, Kolkata’s culinary hub. From quaint cafes to fine-dining restaurants, this vibrant street offers many dining options to tantalise your palate.

Kolkata tram ride, Kolkata

Kolkata Tram Ride

Step back in time with a nostalgic tram ride through the bustling streets of Kolkata. Relish the slow-paced journey as you soak in the city’s charm and witness daily life unfold around you.

Kalighat Temple

Seek blessings at Kalighat Temple, one of the holiest shrines dedicated to Goddess Kali. This ancient temple exudes spirituality and devotion in the city’s heart.

Indian Museum

Delve into the depths of history at the Indian Museum, India’s oldest and largest museum. Explore its vast collection of artefacts, ranging from ancient sculptures to Mughal paintings, and unravel the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage.

Science City

Ignite your curiosity at Science City, an interactive science centre and museum that promises fun-filled learning experiences for visitors of all ages. From hands-on exhibits to thrilling science shows, this educational hub offers a fascinating glimpse into the wonders of science and technology.

Princep Ghat, Kolkata

Princep Ghat

Unwind amidst tranquillity at Princep Ghat, a serene riverside promenade offering breathtaking views of the Hooghly River. Stroll along the riverfront, savouring the cool breeze and scenic vistas.


Witness the artistry of Kolkata’s famed artisans at Kumartuli, a traditional potters’ quarter renowned for its exquisite clay idols. Consider the skilful craftsmanship as you observe artisans meticulously sculpting idols for festivals like Durga Puja.

Find Your Favourite

From exploring colonial landmarks to savouring delectable cuisine, these things to do in the city of Kolkata offer many experiences that captivate the soul. Whether you’re a history buff, a food enthusiast, or a spiritual seeker, the City of Joy never fails to enchant you with its timeless charm and vibrant spirit.

FAQs About Things to Do in Kolkata

Some of the top tourist attractions in Kolkata include Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Park Street, and Kalighat Temple.
Absolutely! The Indian Museum in Kolkata is one of India’s oldest and largest museums, housing many artefacts spanning various periods of Indian history and culture.
Yes, Kolkata offers nostalgic tram rides that allow you to explore the city’s streets leisurely. It’s a unique way to experience Kolkata’s charm and heritage.
Kolkata is famous for its delectable street food and culinary delights. Some must-try dishes include Kolkata Kathi Roll, Puchka (pani puri), Mishti Doi (sweet yoghurt), and Rosogolla (a popular Bengali sweet).
Yes, there are many day trips and excursions from Kolkata. Popular options include visiting the Sundarbans mangrove forest, exploring the historical town of Serampore, or experiencing rural life in the Sunderbans villages.
Kolkata offers diverse shopping experiences, from bustling markets like New Market and Gariahat to modern malls like South City Mall and Quest Mall. You can find everything from traditional handicrafts to high-end fashion brands.
Photography is allowed inside Victoria Memorial, but there may be restrictions in certain areas or exhibitions. It’s advisable to check with the museum staff for specific guidelines.
Kolkata hosts numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Take advantage of the grand celebrations of Durga Puja, the Kolkata International Film Festival, and the Kolkata Book Fair, among others.
Yes, Howrah Bridge is open 24/7, so you can visit it anytime, day or night. The bridge offers stunning views of the Hooghly River and Kolkata’s skyline, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists.
Yes, tour operators offer guided tours to explore Kolkata’s attractions, historical landmarks, and hidden gems. These tours provide insights into the city’s rich culture, history, and heritage.

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