Sole-Tales from the Himalayas: Day 3: Journeying to the Mystical Vale

Sole-Tales from the Himalayas: Day 3: Journeying to the Mystical Vale

12th May 2022

I woke up today with a heavy head and a gamut of emotions running. I’m dealing with something personal, and I took this solo trip to help me clarify my thoughts. I pulled myself out of bed to get ready amidst work calls and spinning head. I was saying goodbye to McLeod Ganj. This place had become familiar. But now, a long road trip awaits me while I pack my bags to leave for Tosh, a small village in Parvathy Valley.

I got into my car. Gopi, the driver, greeted me with a warm smile. But really, I don’t know why I’m going all the way on the road for 10 hours to this little village tucked in the mountains. I don’t know what Parvathy Valley has in store for me. All I know is that this place is supposed to be magical and life-changing. Someone I met in Bangalore a few weeks ago had told me about her story & Parvathy Valley. She was due for a major surgery, without which doctors had suggested it was hard for her to survive. Someone told her to go to Parvathy Valley. She packed her bags and stayed in the valley for three weeks before her surgery. When she went back, the doctors were shocked to learn that she didn’t need surgery. She said the place has infinite spiritual power, completely changing her life. She had narrated the enigma of the valley and what it has to offer.

A beautiful image of the Parvathy Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Today, I leave to witness that! The road journey was very long. I went through harsh mountains with dry heat and into the valleys with lush greenery. The temperature was as high as 34 degrees to as low as 15 as we drove up the mountains. What seemed like a 6-hour long drive took 9 hours with roadblocks and construction. As soon as the car turned into Kasol, the landscape changed completely. The weather was perfect with clouds, a drizzle, snow called mountains and lush greenery! I saw the first snow-capped mountain and clouds brushing through it. I was mesmerised. I sat in my car looking at the magic called nature and its beauty! The roads were narrow and steep. When I reached Tosh, it was almost 6 in the evening.

I got down with my small cabin suitcase and duffle bag only to realise that Pink Floyd Cafe, the place I was to stay, was a 40-minute trek with almost no proper walkway. I picked up my bags and started the trek, counting the steps and gasping for breath. At one time, I decided to give up. But as they say, it’s all in the mind! I told myself to take one step at a time. Focus on the next step rather than the entire journey. The temperature kept dropping, but I started sweating. With snow-capped mountains behind me, I walked until I finally made it to this cute little hotel cafe. I turned around from the balcony to see the gorgeous mountains all around. It was mystical. I witnessed what the lady had told me. I now understand why lord Shiva called it Parvathy Valley after he opened his eyes from a long tapas. It is beautiful, magnificent and has insane spiritual energy. After all those long hours of driving and an insane trek, it was totally worth it.

While I write this, the temperature is 7 degrees. I ordered cheese Maggie and hot honey lemon tea. Eating it alone in some remote corner of the world amidst the Himalayan mountains is destiny—a destiny with something in store for me. And I will explore that tomorrow.

Vinay Bharadwaj

Vinay Bharadwaj

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