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Sole-Tales from the Himalayas: Day 2: Destiny Has Her Own Ways

11th May 2022

I woke up without an alarm today. It was cold, and I just cuddled in the bed, staring at the wall. I opened the chat to see my trainer’s message to remind me not to skip exercise. I was working out, watching the mountains from my balcony with music drumming in my ears. I did not know what the day would have in store for me.

I got ready and left, walking to a cafe called Bhodi Green that someone had recommended. After a short trek, I reached the place and discovered it was closed for the day. So I kept walking until I found a cafe called Smile Cafe. I ordered a spinach cheese omelette and Himachal organic tea. I Sat there alone, sipping my tea. A lady came and sat next to my table. She seemed like another solo traveller. She asked me something, and we talked for an hour about life, our thoughts, and our quests. We realised both were looking for clarity in life. She said she is happily married with kids but met another woman who turned her life upside down and made her fall in love with her all over again. While she is at the crossroads between choosing between her husband and the woman she loves, she decides to take a solo trip for 40 days in the Himalayas to refill her soul. She said she was spreading happiness and impacting lives all along, while inside her was a void she could not fill. Her mind told her to choose stability, her long-term relationship, and her family, but her heart sang another song. We spoke briefly before saying goodbyes and wishing each other a good journey. It made me realise that I was destined to meet her and exchange thoughts, and later, Bodhi Green was closed. Strange, isn’t it? It only taught me not to be hung up on what tomorrow’s painting looks like and instead have an empty canvas and let life paint it each day. Go with the flow and enjoy the show.
A scenic view of the Himalayas
I took a 45-minute trek to climb the mountain to reach this amazing cafe called Shiva Cafe. It was worth the trek, as the place had terrific vibes and great music. On my way here, I saw a guy selling small, hot Gulab jamuns. I couldn’t control myself and had a few. I literally touched heaven and came back. It was finger-licking good! I reached Shiva Cafe and sat in the middle of nowhere, looking at the sky. Hookah, Maggie and chai were all I needed. I did not talk to anyone around. I just sat there talking to myself and writing this blog. The sky poured some rain, and it was magical. I am stuck in the cafe, but it doesn’t feel like I am. It’s an unknown place with unknown people, yet it seems comfortable and known. I sit here looking outside the window while it’s pouring. I can’t leave until it stops raining, but I don’t mind.

After a while, it stopped raining. I walked down the mountain to get to the roads—a beautiful walk just after the rains. The hills were green, and clouds were kissing them. I looked for the Chocolate Log Cafe and figured it had been temporarily closed down for renovation. There was a Japanese vegetarian restaurant nearby. I just barged in. I saw some books and picked up Front Seat by Aditya. The summary was interesting. The restaurant’s owner was a Tibetan, and his wife was a Japanese. The old couple has been running it for 20 years, serving sushi and telling moshi moshi to travellers and trekkers. Uncle’s smile came through his eyes. It was pure and innocent. I sincerely wish to see more innocence in this world where we are all so corrupted. I saw a Japanese guy sitting and reading about Bodhi Dharam with so much dedication. Seeing the quest in a few people to explore and read fascinates me. What drives them? What are they looking for? What will they do with the knowledge?

Considering these questions, I left from there to visit Morgan Cafe near my hotel. Adorable dogs and a Tamilian owner welcomed me. I Sat there and had pancakes while the temperature kept dropping. It started to get dark. My hotel is within walking distance from here. So, I sat here and lazed around drinking chai. Another day is ending. Looking back, I feel content. I never trekked alone, and I did that for the first time. I observed so many travellers – newly married couples, groups of friends, and families. It’s beautiful that each of us is so different. That’s what makes it interesting.

Vinay Bharadwaj

Vinay Bharadwaj

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